Release 1.0(20.05.2014)

This User Agreement ("Agreement") governs the relationship between the administration of online interactive mobile game "Checkers" (the "Game"), located at the Internet web sites, and also related to the game resources (in complex, the Game and game resources further the "Project") and users of the project (further "Player").

In case if in accordance with the laws of your state it is forbidden you to get playing services on-line or there are another legislative limitations, including limitations on age of admitting to such services, you have no right to use Game or separate services in Game, and have to stop immediately using Game or such services in Game.

Any public or additional (paid) services or Game services are provided only by the game Administration. Getting the gaming services from other third parties may cause the denial of Game services or the Project for the player in full or in part at the discretion of the game Management. If the Player wants to use the additional services of the Game or Project, the Player agrees to follow all the instructions that attached to the Game or the Project in order, and payment methods, including the rules of entering a number of short text messages (SMS), if any included, but not limited to, order entry lowercase or uppercase letters, spaces, the input language. The Administration doesn't bear responsibility for correctness of performance of the payment for Game or the Project additional services, as beyond of the Administration control. Receiving by Player of the Game or the Project additional services shall be subject to Player’s payment of such services, and the Administration has the right before getting payment confirmation of additional services, such services do not to offer, provide a limited amount or limit the Player to obtain both the additional and Games or Project basic services.

Administration has the right to close and / or to limit the Game or the Project functionality at any time without prior Player noticing.

For disruption of the Agreement or the Game Rules or Project, the Player may immediately, without any prior notice, denied providing services of the Game or Project or such services or access to the Game or the Project may be limited in whole or in part. Getting additional (paid) Game or Project services do not release Players or Project visitors to the compliance and enforcement in regard to the game Administration of this Agreement or Game or Project Rules, including but not limited to, the possibility of refusing by the game Administration of providing the Games or Project services or such services or access to the Game or the Project may be limited in whole or in part.

In some cases, the Administration has the right to send the information about the Player that violates this Agreement or existing legislation to the law enforcement.

Administration controls the Game and the gameplay only at its discretion. For statistical data collection and identification of Project visitors the game Administration can track and store information about Project players IP-addresses, use files and technical information (cookies), placed on the local Player or Project visitor terminal.

Any information of Player's personal character, if such was given to the Administration in some appearance of Parties co-operation on an agreement, is kept only for the purpose of execution of the agreement and under no circumstances be disclosed to third parties not otherwise than for the purpose of execution of the agreement or in accordance with legislative requirements.

Player or visitor to the Project agree that the Administration may be entitled to request, collect and store, taking into consideration the Federal Law "On Protection of Personal Data" Player's personal information or a Project’s visitor, including information on the surname, first name, middle name, gender, age, address of the registered or actual residence, contact phone number or e-mail or other means of electronic communication, and in the case of using by Player or Project Visitor additional (paid) services - information on payment details Player or Project Visitor, including details on credit or debit cards and other payment ways.

Game rules are an integral part of the Agreement, compliance with the rules and guidance of representatives of the Game Administration, not inconsistent with this Agreement or the Game Rules of the required the Player.

Information about the minimum requirements for hardware and software necessary to use the Game by Player are previously provided. The Player confirmed his awareness of such requirements and availability required for Game’s software and hardware use.

Using the Game services by Player only to its own consider and on an "as-is", that means that the Administration does not respond to the Player under any circumstances for any direct and / or consequential damages that may (cause) at Player in connection with obtaining the service game or inability to obtain such a service.

Player hereby notified that the Game may include various audio and / or video effects, which, under certain circumstances, can cause in people prone to epilepsy or other disorders of the nervous nature of these worsening conditions, and the Player will ensure that these disorders does not suffer or undertakes not to use the Game. Player hereby notified that the regular long-term (continuous) being at the personal computer can cause various complications of physical condition, including impaired vision, scoliosis, and various forms of neuroses and other negative effects on the body. The Player warrants that he will use the Game only for a reasonable time, with breaks for rest or other measures to prevent physical condition, if any player is recommended or prescribed.

The Game Administration do not give no obvious or implied guarantees that in the process of Game development all shortages were taken into consideration and all software failures are exposed, and, founded including on foregoing, Administration adds all reasonable efforts in order that the indicated errors were exposed and in reasonable terms corrected. The Player who has found a defect or error, but did not report on its presence to the Administration, and used it to receive unsolicited terms of the agreement of Game opportunity or publicly unveiled the fact of its existence or nature of manifestation, is deprived of rights under the Agreement immediately at the time of such unlawful use or disclosure.

The invalidity of one or more provisions of the agreement, which is accepted in the established order entered into force on the court decision does not draw for sides ineffectiveness of agreement on the whole. In the event that one or more of the of the agreement provisions in the prescribed manner invalid, the Parties undertake to fulfill the undertaken obligations under the agreement as close as possible to the parties at the conclusion of implicit and / or agreed to change the way the agreement.

At change of the legislation regulating the connexion established by the agreement between the Parties, the Parties undertake to execute undertaken under the agreement as much as possible close to meant by the Parties at the conclusion and-or the coordinated change of the agreement by way, including, but without being limited to volume of the transferred rights, rather and ways of reception of additional services of Game, conditions of support of Game or agreement cancellation. All used or mentioned in Game trademarks and other means of identification of goods or services belong to their rightful owners. All other rights not expressly identified as belonging to others, belong to the Administration or the legal owners of such rights.

All copyrights, and other related rights for the Game, including playable characters, game items and accessories, gaming settlement funds and the project in general, belong to the Administration, unless otherwise explicitly stated. Unauthorized explicitly game Administration use Game or Game elements in whole or in part is prohibited.

All title and intellectual property rights according to the Game, including but not limited to any graphics, photos, animations, videos, recordings, music, text accompanying the Game materials, and any part thereof or a copy are belonged to the Administration or owned by their respective owners.

All disputes of the parties under this agreement shall be resolved through correspondence and negotiation, in case of failure to reach an agreement between the parties through negotiation, the dispute may be submitted by any interested party to the appropriate court of general jurisdiction, Kharkov, Ukraine.

This Agreement may be changed by Administration without any prior notice. Player agrees to check the Agreement periodically for changes at least once every seven days. In case If such verification is not within a specified time or after reading the Agreement (the new version of the Agreement) the Player continues to use the project it is considered that the Player has read and agrees to the Agreement (the new version of the Agreement).

Games Administration may send players emails information or technical disposition due to the Game or the Project. All communication within the agreement is in English.